Strategy + Innovation + Design

Three Disciplines Unified
& Applied

During our consulting and full-time strategy and design positions, we have analyzed numerous companies and found that while most of them had visions and missions, very few had well-defined action-oriented strategies. Additionally, we observed that many companies did not fully leverage the power of design, and their innovation pipelines were weak. Although some organizations adopted Agile engineering methods, only a small proportion (less than 20%) followed a comprehensive design-driven solution development framework. As a result, there was a lack of alignment, missed requirements, delays, costly rework, and a waste of resources.To address these issues, we designed a comprehensive 3-day training program connects previously disjointed disciplines to help senior leaders execute the entire solution development lifecycle, from ideation to finished products/services. Our program will demystify the complexities and enable attendees to develop actionable strategies that align with their vision and mission. In addition to relevant content, we have incorporated the most effective training methods to ensure maximum attendee focus and active participation, resulting in a memorable remote learning experience.


Training + 1on1

Together, we will engage in a thorough discussion to determine how this training can best meet your needs and exceed your expectations. After completing the program, you will also have the opportunity to schedule a two-hour one-on-one session with our instructor to provide personalized guidance and support as you apply our proven system.

Practical, Proven, No-Fluff

Solving a Real Challenge

Our training program is designed to enable you to apply the knowledge you gain to real-world challenges and create various business strategies. We focus on delivering only the most effective methods through accelerated learning, ensuring that you receive practical, hands-on experience without any unnecessary fluff or filler.

Not your typical training


Our program offers a dynamic range of learning opportunities, including competing teams, live expert teardowns, case analysis, special guest speakers, online tools, and creativity brain priming exercises. These varied activities will challenge you to think critically and innovatively, building your skills and knowledge in an engaging and exciting way.

Strategy = choices


A well-crafted strategy serves as a critical bridge between your ambitions and actions. It involves making evidence-driven decisions and coordinating efforts to avoid unnecessary and mundane work. In our program, you will master two frameworks that will help you develop a sound strategy. Afterward, you will learn how to create and implement effective OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) that align with your strategy and drive your team's success.

Design as a mindset

Design & UX

In today's fast-paced business environment, strategy is essential for setting the direction, but it is Design Thinking that provides the engine to put it into motion. Our program will equip you with a modern approach to gathering human-centered solution requirements through Design Thinking. You will gain insights into how Design Thinking leads to precise market fit and validated user stories, and how effective UX (User Experience) drives solution adoption.

focused experimentation


Your organization's future success depends on its innovation efforts. Our program will teach you how to inspire your team to become creative forces behind your solutions. You will learn how to turn hunches and ideas into experiments, build evidence-based cases, and effectively measure and communicate your progress. By understanding how to create and manage a successful innovation portfolio, you will be better equipped to stay ahead of the competition and drive growth for your organization.

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Please note that there are only 20 seats available for this program. We kindly request that you refrain from signing up unless you are highly interested and committed to participating fully in the program.

$1395 - 3 DAYS (6 hrs a day)

Topics Covered

  • Strategy (The What)

  • OKRs – Building Structure Around Your Strategy

  • Design-driven Product Lifecycle

  • Market Research

  • Modern SWOT Analysis

  • Crafting Strategy Blueprint

  • Focusing on Competitive Advantages, Setting Design Criteria

  • Positioning Doc. & Business Case

  • Running Strategy Workshops

  • Design Thinking (The How)

  • Exploratory, Generative, and Evaluative User Research

  • Research Analysis & Synthesis

  • Personas & 'Jobs-To-Be-Done'

  • Problem Reframing

  • Ideation & Product-Market Fit

  • Prototyping

  • Usability Testing

  • From Concepts to User Stories

  • User Experience (UX)

  • McKinsey's 3 Horizons

  • Creativity & Ideation Techniques

  • Idea Concept Experimentation

  • Amazon’s ‘Working Backwards’ and Jim Collins - 'Flywheel' & 'Hedgehog'

  • Progress Briefs

  • Managing Innovation Programs

  • Behavioral Economics

  • Motivation and Change Equations

  • Tools: research, ideation, prototyping, OKRs, roadmaps, Chat GPT


Who is the ideal candidate for this training?
This training is geared towards corporate and startup leaders, as well as product, design, and innovation executives. If your organization is not yet design-driven, lacks a robust innovation program, or has a vague business and/or corporate strategy, you will find this training especially applicable.
What sets this training apart from others?
Our program is based on proven applications across a range of projects and industries. We have designed it to be highly comprehensive while removing anything that has little practical impact. Unlike other trainings that offer separate instruction on various subjects, we have interconnected them and focused only on the knowledge and tools that really matter. In short, we have yet to see a training program that seamlessly incorporates strategy, design, and innovation that can be instantly applied. While other programs may attempt to cover similar ground, they can be long, expensive, too theoretical, and often outdated.
Is attendance for all three days mandatory?
Absolutely. The interconnected topics and exercises are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of how these disciplines function together. If you miss a day, you will not gain a complete understanding of how these concepts interact. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you attend the entire training to maximize your learning experience.

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